Loveeee shoes

I am still working at the shoe store, here are some shoes I really like with the theme silver! Colors for the summer silver and gold! The labels for these shoes are Fiamme, Scapa and guess. 



🇧🇪 Pray for Belgium 🇧🇪

I may not always be proud to be a Belgian (there are a lot of things wrong with my country, do not get me started, but that is not what I want to write about), but the last 36 hours I couldn’t be prouder! I woke up this morning in another world than the day before. It is insane really.. This kind of blind hatred against humanity is just, I can’t even find the words to describe this feeling. We must stand together against this kind of terrorism! Not just us Belgians but everyone all over the world, we have the same values! These values are human life, dignity, love, free speech and so much more.. People who don’t agree with this are not worthy of our time or our anger. They must be stopped by the proper authorities and we as a people should try together to go further with our lives! Love will conquer all!! 

American election

Modern day fascism. It is like everybody has forgot about World War II, Hitler did the most awful things in his time and he was elected too! Throw all the foreigners out the US.. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Remember Hitler and the Jewish people.. Please read some statements from people who were forced to stay in Auschwitz.. We don’t want history repeating itself! Please know your history!! 

👠👞 shoes 👞👠

So you guys already know I am a student and students always have a money shortage 😉😜, so I had the genious idea of finding a job to fill up (my not so much) free time. Since I have serious passion for shoes and bags, I thought it would be fun to work in a shoe store. Yes fun. But I want to buy at least half of the shoes in there! Because these shoes are pretty expensive, it would cost me more than I earn 😵😵.. If I had the money I would really buy these 3 pairs of shoes! One pair for every occasion.. The sneakers and high heels are nero giardini and the others are what for. Absolute adoration!




Do you know that ennoying unexplainable feeling of anxiety? I do! I have been struggling with it for years. And yes it is a struggle.. Sometimes you think I got rid of it and after some time there it is again. My anxiety outs itself as hyperventilating. The feeling of not getting any air is the scariest feeling ever! You can’t contol it because when you get mad, it just gets worse.. I know people all over say medication is bad and you get dependant on it. They have got a point but for me therapy alone wasn’t enough so for me the ideal combination was medication and therapy. Everybody should decide this for theirselves and don’t judge! But even though I take meds and go to therapy, it is a everyday struggle and you have got some good and bad days.. For me penning this down, also helps. If you have gone through the same experience or a simular one, please share below, we can help each other through this..